HVLA Clubs

HVLA Book Clubs

Note: to ensure easy access for all members who want to participate, there will be two concurrent book clubs: north and south. Anyone can join either group, regardless of their geographic location.

Book Club South led by Joy Piedmont & Karyn Silverman

Book Club North led by Rachael Ricker

We are very pleased to announce the return of the HVLA Book Club! For those new to HVLA, our book club meets monthly to discuss a picture book, MG book, and a YA book. No one is required to read all three titles to attend — we have found this is the best way to be inclusive for all HVLA members to attend. Since its beginning in 2012, the HVLA Book Club has been a wonderful way to connect with peers for both professional growth and personal friendships. We hope to see you there!

Register for Book Club South or Book Club North here.

Solo Librarian Group

Led by Clair Quaintance

Being a One doesn’t mean being an Only. Solo librarianship comes with special challenges, joys, and questions, and while you may be the only one at your school, you are far from alone in the HVLA community. Join our subgroup for Solos and connect with the network within the network.

Register for Solo Librarian group here.

HVLA Brooklyn Social Club

Led by by Mimi Stauber and Maria Falgoust

HVLA Brooklyn Social Club: Meet fellow librarians for Brooklyn happy hours and possibly field trips. It doesn’t matter whether you live or/and work in Brooklyn, this group is open to everyone.
Sign up for the Brooklyn Social Club here.

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