Hybrid Learning Consortium

By: Dacel Casey
Trevor School

As a Library Media Specialist, I have found that I, along with my colleagues and peers, often wear more than one hat at our schools.  At Trevor my hats include  9th Grade Advising, Model UN Faculty Advisor, and directing our N-12 Community Service and Global Programs. Combined with that, this Fall, I had the opportunity to expand on all of those by teaching an online course focused around Civic Engagement and the youth of today. This course was able to let me combine my passion service and research with teaching and using an online medium. My students, hailing from Miami and Maui, provided unique perspectives on my material and assignments and have helped me future enhanced some my programming at Trevor Day.

If you’ve ever thought about teaching (additional) specific courses-whether it be developing an online research course or something else, or wanting to reach out to students in different areas of our country, I would encourage you to consider the Hybrid Learning Consortium.

The Hybrid Learning Consortium, founded at The Barstow School in Kansas City, is a collective of forty US and international independent schools dedicated to creating a globalized learning community, immersing students and faculty in the 21st century digital world through online and blended courses which offer freedom of content, collaboration and scheduling. The HLC brings together schools, teachers and students from around the world with the shared vision to provide best practices of diverse, in-depth learning. Courses create opportunities for students to develop solutions to problems facing our local and global communities. Joining HLC enables institutions to create a model for diverse course offerings wider than a single institution can support.

Here are their catalogs for the current school year. They provide some ideas of the types of courses they offer.

If you would like more information about the process, course management, time commitment, and my overall experience please don’t hesitate to reach out to me.  To reach out to HLC directly, and explore your ideas and course developments, please contact Christopher Mullis: christopher.mullis@barstowschool.org

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