HVLA Fall 2019 Survey Results

I hope you are having a smooth transition into the 2019 – 2020 school year.

Thank you to those who have already filled out your member survey. 

Having read through the responses thus far, here are the initial findings:

  • 94% of members hope to obtain a professional network from HVLA.
  • 84% of members would like HVLA conferences and events related to library curriculum. Some members gave the feedback that they would like to learn more about research instruction. Also the board heard from upper school/high school librarians who are hoping to have more events geared toward their practice.
  • 70% of members would like conferences and events related to collection development.

You chose the Small Press Preview as our most impactful event from the last two years. We are thrilled that our fall meeting will be another Small Press Preview hosted by Friends Seminary! Please check your email from HVLA for event details.

You also found the Diversity and Inclusion in School Libraries event to be quite impactful, and we are planning to follow up with more events on this topic.

One piece of feedback that we received from multiple members is that HVLA librarians appreciate events like Drag Queen Story Hour where children are invited to attend.

The HVLA board has met and reviewed your responses and we will continue to make decisions based on your valuable feedback.

If you haven’t already, please fill out your survey. We will resend the link to the survey in an email.

The HVLA board is eager to hear from all of you. 

-Gili Warsett, HVLA President

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